Central Apartments – Integrated Hotel Zadar has been in business since 2011., with the intention of providing unique accommodation experience. The start was modest, with only a few accommodation units, but a clear idea what to become within a couple of years. In the first few years we have worked hard to gather experience, improve our service and add additional accommodation types and units. Through several years we have reached our goal to make the accommodation experience special, unique and personal. Central Apartments – Integrated Hotel Zadar still strives to improve the quality of accommodation and service whenever we can, by constant educations and workshops for staff, regular refurbishement of the facilities and following contemporary trends in hospitality.


In 2018. Central Apartments Zagreb has opened its doors to our guests, with the idea of implementing Zadar know-how and experiences with a local touch and charm. Trying to reproduce the success from Zadar, Central Apartments Zagreb is a not regarded as a subsidiary, but a fully established branch of our business. All of the experience, knowledge and passion regarding hospitality we have is projected into accommodation in Zagreb as well, with careful managing and constant care. Even so, by adding a new destination to our franchise, we have learned more and do so every day.

Zadar and Zagreb offer an experience for a lifetime, and we do hope you’ll visit us and create new memories!